Research and Development

NIMBUS4 storm detector                  

The NIMBUS™ 4D Storm Detector represents the first application of the proprietary NIMBUS™ technology, which will become the core of a family of severe weather detection products. This technology line will include the NIMBUS™ 6 Tornado Detection system, the NIMBUS™ 10 System Disconnect technology, as well as a number of product variations designed for specific markets such as consumer boating and industrial equipment protection from lightning surge. An important application of the NIMBUS technology will be in drone navigation through severe weather, where the NIMBUS™ real-time data will allow for immediate in-flight course corrections.

The near-term research & development projects for Entropy include applications of the patent-pending Quad-Matrix detection technology in critical applications outside of severe weather detection. The first of these applications will be the NIMBUS™ IMDAR (Incoming Mortar Detection and Ranging) which will create a miniaturized technology capable of providing real-time warning for incoming mortar rounds. In the area of drone cyber-security, the NIMBUS™ technology will be adapted for the passive detection of small UAVs which represent the greatest new security threat in the landscape.

Longer term projects will focus on expanding the NIMBUS™ technology to large-area networks capable of making the NIMBUS™ data field available to an unlimited number of users and applications on a regional basis.

The NIMBUS™ technology has been specifically designed to meet the demands of high-end commercial, industrial, and military users. In addition, the NIMBUS™ platform, including the NIMBUS™4 hand-held product, includes an on-board compass and accelerometer, which has been included to allow the technology to perform on drones moving at altitude and speed in relation to a storm. The NIMBUS™4 hand-held can certainly be used by individual consumers, but the technology has been designed to perform in market applications at much higher levels.

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