NIMBUS4 storm detector

Entropy Technology Design, Inc.

Entropy Technology Design, Inc. is a woman-owned company established for the purpose of developing new technology and cutting edge engineering design in the weather detection and storm safety arenas. The protection of people, businesses, and the basic infrastructure of society will be a high priority in the age of climate change, and Entropy has the vision to match the new demands of a changing world with the NEW GENERATION of sensors and microprocessor capabilities.

Entropy is focused on providing the new proprietary technologies necessary for the expanding demands of personal and commercial weather safety, commercial and military drone applications, and the protection of the IoT (Internet of Things) as it integrates all aspects of daily life. NIMBUS™ technology and its multiple product variations represents the first generation of severe weather detection that will be expanded to include real-time tornado detection in 2016, and basic research into earthquake detection in 2017 and beyond.

Tami Fitzpatrick
Tampa, FL


Tami Fitzpatrick is currently the founder and CEO of Entropy Technology Designs Inc., a Tampa-based company established to develop and market the proprietary NIMBUS™ family of severe weather detection products and technology. Her professional background includes 25 years of experience in small corporate management, public relations, international trade development, and all factors related to product conceptualization, development, sales, and marketing. Her business experience over the last ten years has focused on the development and launching of product concepts across the government, commercial, and consumer markets. Ms. Fitzpatrick was appointed by the Florida House of Representatives as State Advisory Board Vice-Chairwoman for the Florida Small Business Development Center Network in 2014 and also serves on the Florida Chamber Board of Directors and as Chair for the Florida Chamber's Small Business Council.

Edward Shaver
CTO | Physicist | Inventor | Published Author
Tampa, FL


Physicist Edward F. Shaver is the Chief Technology Officer of Entropy. Prior to joining Entropy, Mr. Shaver led development and production for the ThunderBolt and SkyScan products. The SkyScan product, introduced in 1995, pioneered the industry as the first commercially viable hand-held lightning detector. The ThunderBolt product, introduce in 2003, was the first hand-held product capable of tracking the motion of full thunderstorms, introducing the ability to offer Estimated Time of Arrival for storm activity at a particular location. In 2012, Mr. Shaver developed the StormVector Area Warning System, which used wireless communication to build auto-meshing networked storm warning alert beacons of unlimited size. This allowed for the implementation of the ThunderBolt storm warning in large industrial facilities, college campuses, and even areas the size of small cities.  Mr. Shaver was also part of the development and manufacturing design team for the P5 Personal Lightning Detector for Sky Scan Technologies.

Oveda Hancock
Business Development & Licensing Officer
Washington DC


Oveda “Vee” Hancock joined Entropy to grow business-relationship bridges to Fortune 500 and Global 2000 companies using her extensive knowledge and 30 years of experience with focus on intellectual property protection along with developing long-term niche business strategies for woman-owned small business. Oveda is a graduate of Georgetown University with a B.A. degree in sociology and economics, a Master's of Business Administration from The Georgetown University McDonough School of Business, and a Juris Doctor from the Georgetown University Law Center with a specialty focus on intellectual property protection and media law.

Dr. Richard Pavelle
Managing Director Technology Development

Named "One of 50 R&D Stars to Watch" by Industry Week magazine, Dr. Richard Pavelle is an inventor and physicist who creates unique products from a  knowledge of current technology and a projection of future technological trends. Dr. Pavelle holds a Ph.D. in mathematical physics (General Relativity) from the  University of London and an undergraduate degree in physics from Columbia University. Dr. Pavelle has published more than 50 articles, given 200 presentations, has more than 20 patents issued and pending and has appeared in dozens of newspaper and magazine articles. He is an author of the first mathematical article to appear in Scientific American, entitled Computer Algebra.  On the research staff at MIT at the Laboratory for Computer Science and Lincoln Laboratory, Dr. Pavelle was a coauthor of MACSYMA and advocate of Computer Algebra systems. He was the first scientist to apply these techniques to solve intractable mathematical problems in science, engineering, defense systems and finance. He was the motivating force and the leader in the first business venture based upon this technology that now has sales in the hundreds of millions from several companies.  Successful consumer-related patents: Credit Card Calculator licensed to Casio, Sharp and Canon, Golf Putter with expanded sweet spot used by most golf professionals, XLERATOR Hand Dryer licensed to Excel Dryer as well as a patent titled "Method and Apparatus for Providing Secure Time Stamps for Documents and Computer Files" that was purchased by Intellectual Ventures.